Product Import Mapping for Akeneo 3.0

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Product Import Mapping for Akeneo 3.0

Reticulum Media’s Product Import Mapping Tool allows you to easily map Excel or CSV table columns to Akeneo attributes without having to open and customize the import file.


Product Import Mapping

Easily map your Excel columns to Akeneo attributes and import various Excel formats into your Akeneo PIM.

The challenge

Until now, you had to customize your Excel files with the correct attribute names from Akeneo to perform a proper import. Reticulum Media finally enables a perfect and easy interaction between CSV/XLSX and Akeneo PIM with Product Import Mapping.

How does the Product Import Mapping work?

The mapping tool analyzes the XLSX or CSV file to be imported and detects the existing column headers. These are clearly displayed in their order on the left side of the Mapping Tool. For each column heading, select the appropriate Akeneo attribute from the drop-down menu. For future imports, the mapping you have made can be saved as an import profile to make re-imports even faster.

Working without the Product Import Mapping Tool?

The manual preparation of Excel files is time-consuming and is a potential source of errors in everyday work. If different Excel files have to be imported, employees are occupied with the preparation for a longer time and are not available for more important tasks.