BMEcat Import Connector für Akeneo 3.2

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BMEcat Import Connector für Akeneo 3.2

Reticulum Media ermöglicht endlich ein perfektes und einfaches Zusammenspiel von BMEcat und Akeneo-PIM: Zum einen müssen Sie keine Handbücher studieren, um den BMEcat import Connector zu verwenden, denn das übersichtliche Interface nach Akeneo Standard erschließt sich von selbst und leitet Sie durch den Importprozess.
Und zum anderen müssen Sie sich nicht mit den 280 Seiten starken BMEcat Spezifikationen auseinandersetzen, da der BMEcat Import Connector die Analyse der BMEcat Datei für Sie übernimmt!


What is BMEcat?

BMEcat is a standardized format for the digital exchange of catalog and product information in procurement processes. BMEcat integrates product descriptions based on classifications such as eCl@ss and ETIM and enriches them with commercial and marketing data as well as information for data transmission. In the DACH region, BMEcat is now the standard for exchanging product information in B2B. With the BMEcat Import Connector developed by Reticulum Media, you can easily manage BMEcat catalogs in Akeneo-PIM; as a manufacturer, distributor or purchasing company.

The challenge

Companies receive data in different formats from their suppliers, matching and supplementing these with existing product data is often an unloved task and can only be accomplished with the appropriate manpower.

The BMEcat Import Connector

Reticulum Media finally enables a perfect and easy interaction between BMEcat and Akeneo-PIM: On the one hand you don’t have to study manuals to use the BMEcat import Connector, because the clear interface according to Akeneo standard opens itself and guides you through the import process. And on the other hand you don’t have to deal with the 280 pages of BMEcat specifications, because the BMEcat Import Connector does the analysis of the BMEcat file for you!

How does the BMEcat Import Connector work?

Finally Akeneo-PIM customers get a simple and at the same time efficient tool that enables a professional import in only 5 steps.

Examples from the daily work of our customers:

Retailer A has been using Akeneo for two years and is thrilled. But now a new supplier has sent a BMEcat catalog. No problem, with the BMEcat Import Connector, Dealer A has an overview of the product information in the BMEcat catalog in just a few minutes – importing the data is child’s play. Purchasing at Company B works in the traditional way with print catalogs, but increasingly individual departments are demanding digital product information. With Akeneo and the BMEcat Import Connector, the purchasing department becomes a data supplier for production, sales, marketing and other departments in the company.

Working without BMEcat Import Connector?

Working without the BMEcat Import Connector means spending a lot of time and knowledge on each data import. Save time, money and nerves and use the BMECat Import Connector.

Scope of the BMEcat Import Connector

The BMEcat Import Connector manages the following information from the BMEcat files: Contract information (header section) Product information (product section) Order information (order section) price section (price structure) Product references (reference section) media files and documents (mime section) catalog groups and chapters (catalog group sections)