9 tips for your online shop

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9 tips for your online shop

You are not really satisfied with the performance of your online shop? Do you have the feeling that it is not yet running as well as it could? Don’t panic! Reticulum Media is there for you. Enclosed we have put together some tips and tricks to push your online shop towards the right direction:   

1. Comprehensive product structure and product presentation 

A lack of structure is often one of the first reasons why potential customers do not feel comfortable in an online shop. Striking product structures, chaotic arrangement and irrelevant product suggestions are all no-goes.  Product filters, categories, product streams etc. can make the product structure and presentation much clearer. You should always give your customer several options to get to their goal. For example, differentiate new or sale products from other products.   Your product structure will stand and fall with a good product data model.    

2. Usability and UX

Usability is the highest priority of an online shop. User-friendliness should always come first. An online shop should be easy to use and concise, i.e. user-friendly! Do not provide your customers with an oversized navigation with many submenus and items.   Your shop should give a customer the feeling that the product can be found easily and in an intuitive way.  Use cases and personas of your existing or future customers can support you enormously. Name an endpoint, click through your online shop and consider whether you have reached your goal satisfactorily or whether it was too complex. Look at this critically, because any negative aspects you perceive will be noticed by the customer even more negatively.   

3. Detailed product descriptions and product information

Do you still maintain your product data with great effort in your online shop and do not have a PIM for your product data?   A PIM supports you with uniform and central product data maintenance. By maintaining product data more efficiently, you shorten processes and improve your time-to-market. With a PIM you can use your time effectively. The tiresome searching, comparing and working in Excel, CSV or in the online shop has an end!   An online shop stands and falls with product data! In times of online consumption, product images and product information are essential for every online shop. It is important that you deliver consistent product data.   Among other things, emphasize important features in your product layout.  Give customers the chance to search for important features and bring a quality standard to your product information.    

4. Use multiple product photos

The e-commerce industry thrives on good and uniform product photos. When shopping online, the customer can only analyse products using images and product data.   If your product photos are tiny and in very poor quality, this can lead to your customer ultimately abandoning the purchase and going to competitors.   Therefore, make sure that product photos are consistent, of good quality and in the same sizes. Because bad pictures or graphics in your online shop are also bad calling cards for you.   Also consider providing multiple images, this also applies to your product variants. Customers today have more freedom than ever before to purchase products from any source. Your shop should be so good that customers have no reason to look for alternatives elsewhere. Your online shop should therefore have different product images for items that come in a variety of colors and sizes.   

5. About us 

Introduce your company and inspire confidence, personal and entrepreneurial closeness. Your brand should reflect a uniform corporate identity.   Speak the same corporate language on all sales and social media channels. Maintain a uniform design, both in the online shop and in your marketing actions and campaigns. Be sure that customers and potential customers will keep a close eye on your corporate behaviour  Tell your story as brand and company. Do you have a competitive advantage over your competitors? Your products are organic, regionally grown etc.? Write about your company and its unique selling proposition.  Engage with your customers by offering them a personal insight into your company. Do not lose sight of your social media channels and present your company here as well.    

6. Contact details 

Nothing annoys a customer more than an online shop that has no or hidden contact information. Make sure that your online shop handles contact information transparently. Offer your customer not one way to contact you, but many different ways to get in touch with you. Do you want to be contacted by e-mail or telephone? No problem! Show these possibilities well and transparently in a marked contact area or in the header/footer of your online shop and reduce unnecessary trouble.   Simple and uncomplicated contact options can increase the trust in your online shop enormously.  

7. Guide the customers into the shop 

What good is the perfect online shop if customers can’t find you?  Start marketing measures and advertise your online shop e.g. through Google AdWords, social media and other advertising partners.   Social media will be your strongest weapon in the beginning. Build up a fanbase by generating “likes” and “followers”. These then have the potential to become customers or consumers. Focus on one or two social media channels at the beginning, because they have to be maintained continuously! Promote your products on social media or extend your counter and sell your products directly via social media (e.g. on Instagram or Facebook).  Google AdWords is one of the most popular and effective advertising channels to attract potential customers to your online shop. But beware: Google AdWords can also quickly become a bottomless pit. So you should be sure which keywords you want to advertise. Google offers you three possibilities (search ads, display ads and shopping ads) to place ads. Think through your ads and their keywords before they go live, and always remember: every click costs money!   While smart advertising campaigns are effective in generating new customers and thereby increasing sales, a much more important issue is how to retain these customers. Generating a new customer can cost up to 5 times more than keeping an existing customer.   Inform your customers with newsletters and marketing actions about special sales and other actions that are currently running in your online shop. Find the reason why customers are loyal to you and build on it.    

8. Integration of a trust labels

In today’s world where anyone can open an online store, trust labels are more relevant than ever. But beware: Trust seals are unfortunately very common nowadays and not all of them mean the same thing!   Providers such as Trusted Shops, internet privacy standards, EHI certified online shop or S@fer Shopping are recommended and have a certain standard.    In order to establish your online shop in the long run, you should and must develop your brand. Your brand should convey trust to your customers. You can achieve this through targeted content marketing (e.g. blog posts, advice tips, recipes).   Offer your customers security in your online shop. An SSL verification is a MUST! Also do not use insecure payment and shipping interfaces.   A verification with a label inspires confidence and secures your online shop. So find the right provider and the right label for you and your online shop.    Nevertheless, even without a trust seal, you should always comply with legal and statutory requirements. This is also very important when it comes to newsletter (double opt-in) or data protection!   

9. Customer service

In line with the contact possibilities, customer service is also an important issue. You should not forget that the internet and especially the e-commerce industry is very fast moving. This has both advantages and disadvantages. Successful online shops have an active customer service. You should actively publicise offers and marketing campaigns and these should be actively recognisable in your online shop, otherwise your online shop is doomed to failure.   Open sales channels and social media channels should and must be maintained, nurtured and supplied with information and promotions. Only online shops that are constantly on the move and always up to date can be successful in the e-commerce industry in the future.   You already have a PIM and an online shop and need our help, or you have an online shop and do not know how to start your PIM project? No problem, we are happy to help you. Contact us today and ask for an online shop analysis.  Together we will bring your online shop into the 21st century.